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Mobile Medical Screening

Full Medical Examination (Initial, Periodical or Exit)

  • Occupational and Medical history documentation.
  • Height, weight, blood pressure and urine analysis.
  • Lung function test (FEV1, FVC and FVC %).
  • Vision screening.
  • Audiometric screening Baseline/screening audiogram –for employees exposed to noise above 85dB a baseline(2audiograms).
  • Physical examination and urine test.
  • Large chest X-Ray(digital &conventional) on site x-rays 20 plus employees.
  • Special vision test (colour, depth perception, peripheral vision and visual acuity) can be performed on drivers and operators of heavy machinery.


  • The Height Medical Examination (risk driven):
  • Medical examinations required for people working at height in the construction industry taken in accordance with the relevant regulations. More information is available on request.

Additional Services

We also offer the following, either as separate services or add-ons to full medical examinations:
  • Cannabis testing (dagga) / Multi drug tests.
  • HIV testing.

Administration & Documentation

In addition to medical reports and certificates of fitness, are part containing feedback recommendations and relevant data(statistics)is issued after completion of all medicals.

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